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Yesterday Transport For NSW pushed the launch button on the Android version of Speed Adviser.

The iphone version was released in early February.

Speed Adviser is an Advisory Intelligent Speed Adaptation System which research has shown could reduce the risk of being involved in a fatal crash by 19%.

The NSW Government is the first Government in the world to have released its own ISA application, even the Swedish Road Authority has not managed to do this.

A few facts on the app and its development:

  • The largest trial in the world of Advisory ISA at the time was completed by CRS between 2009 and 2010.
  • Trial drivers covered more than 1.9 million km during the test period and we recorded more than 7.6 million speed compliance records for analysis.
  • Initial results from the trial showed that participants reduced the proportion of time they spent speeding by 89%.
  • Independently analysed data from the trial conducted by the University of Adelaide’s Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) estimated that if advisory ISA technology was fitted to all cars then serious crashes and fatal crashes could both be reduced by about 19 per cent Australia wide, which represents about 200 lives per year.
  • The initial ISA device trialled in 2009 cost $1,500 to install.
  • The iphone and android applications are free to anyone who would like to download it.
  • More than 225,000 km of road network were mapped to provide the speed limit data for the Apps ( almost 6 times the circumference of the earth or equal to just over half the distance to the moon)
  • The App has a two year calendar of school term dates so that the app can remind you when school goes back at school zones are active again
  • The App knows sunset and sunrise times and automatically dims on sunset to reduce glare to the driver.
  • More than 43,6000 people have downloaded the iphone version of the application.

I invite you to download Speed Adviser and also encourage friends and family to do the same if you are travelling through NSW this Easter.

The App only works in NSW at this stage.

The Speed Adviser App is available on: Google Play and IPhone users on iTunes

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