Consortium applies to trial autonomous trucks in the Netherlands

Consortium applies to trial autonomous trucks in the Netherlands
Traffic Technology Today.Com 18 June 2014

Under a plan by a group of logistics and technology companies, self-driving or autonomous trucks could begin delivering goods from Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, to other cities in the Netherlands within five years. The country’s Infrastructure and Environment Minister, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, has already written to the Netherlands Parliament, presenting the plan and seeking to review and update the country’s traffic laws in order to accommodate the large-scale testing of the self-driving technology on public roads. Schultz van Haegen’s letter explains that initial testing would start on computer simulations and the trucks will be tested on a closed track, before ultimately being piloted on public roads. Her letter states that a detailed proposal of where and how the trials will take place will be submitted to parliament after the summer. Spokeswoman for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, Marianne Wuite, said, “We really want to seek out international partners to see what we can do in this field. There are countless benefits. Self-driving cars need less space and therefore use asphalt more efficiently; they avert traffic jams and reduce accidents. They are also more environmentally friendly.”

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