Delivering a Compliance Framework for Heavy Vehicle Telematics: final policy paper

The National Transport Commission has just released the Delivering a Compliance Framework for Heavy Vehicles Telematics: final policy paper, endorsed by the Transport and Infrastructure Council in May 2014.

The paper has six recommendations that have been approved by the Transport and Infrastructure Council and the NTC will deliver the compliance framework over the next 12 months. The compliance framework will provide policy certainty in order to encourage industry to adopt telematics, and in doing so, improve road safety, productivity and environmental outcomes.

The compliance framework will distinguish between applications used for enforcement (such as the EWD) or compliance purposes (such as IAP) and purely commercial applications. Standards of performance and security should be higher for telematics used to demonstrate compliance with the law, or for enforcement purposes.

The compliance framework will enable telematics systems to separate commercial and regulatory data so that authorised officers undertaking enforcement activities can only access relevant information. For example, a telematics device may be developed that integrates EWD and payroll features. Under fatigue laws, a driver must present the EWD information to an authorised officer – the telematics system can be designed in such a way that only the EWD, but not the payroll records, can be accessed at the roadside by an authorised officer.

The telematics final policy paper can be accessed here:

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