Electronic Work Dairies: final policy paper

The National Transport Commission has just released the Electronic Work Diaries: final policy paper, endorsed by the Transport and Infrastructure Council in May 2014.

The policy findings and recommendations made in this paper are the culmination of work undertaken by the NTC as part of the EWD Operational Pilot. They are intended to ensure:

  • EWD provisions are fit-for-purpose and are not ambiguous or based on outdated technology assumptions
  • a consistent and equitable approach to the treatment of small breaches is agreed at a national level
  • the collection, handling and disclosure of personal information generated by EWDs sufficiently protects drivers from illegal or unreasonable contravention of their privacy
  • the process for approving the EWD technical specification is appropriately transparent and robust.

The EWD final policy paper can be accessed here: http://www.ntc.gov.au/viewpage.aspx?documentid=2023.

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