Infrastructure Victoria investigation into the state’s infrastructure needs to prepare for zero emission and automated vehicles.

ITS Australia has today written to Infrastructure Australia in response to a request for automated and zero emission vehicle infrastructure advice.  To read the response please follow this link  Automated and zero emission vehicle infrastructure_ITSA Submission2018

From Infrastructure Victoria:

Infrastructure Victoria is leading a groundbreaking new report on how the state can best prepare for the vehicles of the future, using an evidence-based approach to form clear and practical recommendations.

The Victorian Government has asked Infrastructure Victoria to consult with industry and stakeholders and to conduct research and analysis into what infrastructure the state needs to enable automated (self-driving) vehicles and zero emission vehicles. Infrastructure Victoria has also been asked to deliver advice on the potential timing and implications of these infrastructure changes.

Infrastructure Australia has met with a range of stakeholders with expertise in automated and zero emission vehicles, and these discussions will continue throughout 2018.  They have also conducted an initial review of the industry, academic and policy reports and, combined with what they have heard, identified an initial list of the target outcomes that Victoria could seek to achieve through the introduction of these vehicles. These outcomes for the state will assist in assessing the recommendations to make sure they are in the best interests of Victoria.

Target outcomes for the state that automated and zero emission vehicles could contribute to achieving in Victoria

  • Improve safety and public health
  • Improve transport system performance and accessibility
  • Improve mobility options
  • Improve access to jobs and services
  • Enable optimal land use
  • Decrease carbon emissions
  • Decrease air and noise pollution
  • Improve reliability and sustainability of energy systems
  • Support the productivity and growth of the Victorian economy



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