Day Five – In Conversation With….

The 25th ITS World Congress has concluded in great ceremony with the orb being passed to Singapore for 2019.

During the last day of the Congress, Brian Negus was able to chat with a number of high profile ITS leaders, including Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO, ERTICO (ITS Europe).  Having attended ITS World Congresses over the past 18 years, either as leader of ERTICO or as a leader at FIA, the events are continuing to be special.  Topics may have changed over 25 years, but the focus is as ever to utilise ITS technology to make the transport world a better place – safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Conversations also took place with Richard Harris, OHMIO UK noted the agenda of the Congress was driven by what people are interested in.  MaaS really hit the headlines in Melbourne ITS World Congress, and it has continued to be a strong theme.

Daniel Ruiz, Meridian Mobility, UK – Smart communities as a term is being used more regularly in Europe, in part because it is recognised that the parts in between the European cities are just as important at the cities themselves. Safety is of utmost importance from when collaborating on ITS technologies and advances.

Graham Scott, ITS UK announcing that following the submission of a white paper earlier this year, a fund of GBP2m has been set aside by the Scottish Government to test MaaS concepts starting in early 2019.

Also worth noting that if anyone fancies a trip to bonnie Scotland, a CAV conference is being held at the end of October!

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