29 October – 2 November 2017
Palais des congrès de Montréal

Expected to attract 10,000+ the 24th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems will be the largest global gathering of intelligent transportation professionals this year.

The ITS World Congress 2017, produced by ITS America in conjunction with ITS Canada and co-organized by ITS Europe and ITS Asia-Pacific, brings together global leaders in intelligent and transformative transportation to showcase and evaluate the latest innovative concepts, active prototypes, and live systems. Academics, researchers, policymakers, businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, implementers, and the media—thousands of people from the transport, automotive, telecommunications, and technology sectors—will engage in robust discussions and spirited debates as to how this rapidly changing and ever-expanding industry is addressing the very real challenges facing our mobile, connected societies today and in the future.

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Sponsorship and Co-Exhibitor opportunities in Montreal

Co-Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus

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Opportunities include: sponsorship of the ITS Australia Welcome Reception, the on-stand drinks function and co-exhibitor branded company kiosks on the ITS Australia Pavilion. Contact ITS Australia for more info: admin@its-australia.com.au.

Co-Exhibitors and Sponsors on the ITS Australia Pavilion


Addinsight - Traffic Intelligence System

Addinsight, created by a road authority for road authorities
Addinsight traffic intelligence system is a cost-effective arterial road and motorway incident detection system that uses probe data collection stations to constantly monitor traffic flows in real time. The system uses machine learning to identify travel time patterns for every road segment, allowing it to differentiate between abnormal and recurring congestion. When Addinsight detects road segments experiencing delays higher than expected, the field devices automatically start broadcasting alert information at locations approaching the congestion via Bluetooth Low Energy advertising packets.
Click to see Addinsight in action!
What is Addinsight and how does it work


Cohda Wireless

Connecting Autonomous Vehicles

Cohda Wireless is the leading supplier of software for the Connected Autonomous Vehicle (CAV) market. Cohda provides innovative software solutions that enable CAV’s to connect with other vehicles and with Smart City infrastructure. These connections span Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian), and allow CAVs to ‘talk’ to each other, Smart Cities, and vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and be more efficient . Cohda partners with Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers, ITS Equipment Vendors, and Mining Equipment Technology and Services (METS) vendors to provide complete hardware/software solutions to Car Makers, Smart Cities, and Mine Operators.
New technology that will change how we drive cars in the future
V2X for Reducing Motorcycle Accidents - The Best Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Solution


Australian Road Research Board (ARRB)

Registration and Accommodation – NOW OPEN

The Montreal World Congress 2017, the event where policy, real world deployment and future ideas will come together to advance integrated mobility, Smart Cities and the next generation of transportation through intelligent transportation systems. Autonomy and connectivity, artificial intelligence, infrastructure developments, cloud technologies, data, privacy, cyber issues, traffic management, smart city deployment efforts, research and academic initiatives and a look at the world’s view of public policy around the next generation of transportation will take center stage. Registration and Montreal accommodation is now open – book your place today.

Call for Papers and Special Sessions is now closed. Expert peer reviews will take place by 10 April 2017, and all paper submitters will be notified of the status of their paper submission. Go to the Montreal website for more information.