The Australian Traffic & Traveller Information Forum (ATTIF) is focused on the development of advanced traffic and traveller information services in Australia, as a sub committee of ITS Australia.

Through its predecessor, the Australian TMC Consortium, shared open Location Tables for Australia have been created.  ATTIF continues to monitor and manage the development of international traffic and traveller service standards for localisation to the Australian market and acts as a liaison between traffic data suppliers, digital mapping vendors, application providers and hardware providers.  ATTIF also works closely with TISA (Traveller Information Services Association), the European body responsible for managing the relevant traveller service standards on behalf of ISO.

ATTIF provides a forum for discussion and development of additional initiatives related to advanced traffic and traveller information systems.


ATTIF is the successor body to the Australian TMC Consortium (ATMCC).  ATMCC was formed in 2006 with a focus on creating a set of shared open Australian Location Tables with national coverage. These tables are critical to both providing a range of traveller information services and to an open and competitive environment.  ATMCC, in conjunction with ITS Australia, undertook completion of these Location Tables.  ATTIF continues to update and maintain these tables on behalf of the owners.

ATTIF now operates as a broader industry forum to facilitate the development of advanced traffic and traveller information services in Australia.

ATTIF Charter

The ATTIF Charter, outlines the purpose, structure, responsibilities, membership and other aspects of ATTIF operation and management. Under the charter the Purpose is stated as:-

“… to promote the introduction of next generation traveller information systems and infrastructure:-

(i) by the development and implementation of a common Australian TMC Location Table, and

(ii), initiate future projects to promote and facilitate the introduction of advanced Traveller Information Services, consistent with the ITSA charter”

Activity Focus

ATTIF’s focus going forward will be on ITS associated with next generation traveller information systems.  Globally this environment is rapidly developing. Recent activities include:-

  • New international standards for traffic & traveller information systems including TPEG which has commenced commercial deployment in some markets, including associated sub standards such as new forms of location referencing.
  • Development of additional dynamic motoring content such as lane closures and variable speed limits
  • Multi modal content and trip planning
  • General motoring related content availability eg – parking, fuel price and weather
  • Environmental information and routing
  • Standards and legislation related to content delivery to the vehicle, and the driver.
  • Negotiating the interface between public and private content and services as well as helping define the roles of both sectors.

Becoming involved with ATTIF

Membership of ATTIF is open to all members of ITS Australia. Your participation will contribute to the development of the industry overall and to your knowledge of the latest thoughts and activity in this rapidly expanding area.

Find out More

To find out how you can become involved in ATTIF please contact:
Susan Harris, CEO ITS Australia
[email protected]


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