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ITS Australia Submission to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act Review, 2014

ITS Australia have recently completed a submission to the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MSVA) Review.  Amongst other things the MVSA Review was exploring options to reduce barriers to used and parallel imported vehicles.  Our submission highlighted that current and emerging advanced vehicle technologies are tailored to suit specific regional arrangements.   Importing vehicles to Australia when the manufacturer expected them to be driven elsewhere, may well have adverse outcomes for:

  • Functionality of cooperative ITS technology not set up for Australia
  • In-car navigation and traveller information services
  • Other ADAS systems that consider regional variations.

Other industries could also be impacted due to for out of band emissions from imbedded cooperative ITS technology, adversely impacting other spectrum users.

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Enhancing human capability – not replacing the human

Media Release 19 September 2014

Message from the 2014 ITS World Congress – “enhancing human capability – not replacing the human”
By ITS Australia Chief Executive Officer Susan Harris

The strong Intelligent Transport System Australia delegation attending the 21st ITS World Congress
contributed to the program, exhibition and to meetings of senior professionals. The major insight we
gained from this World Congress was that “ITS policy will be more collaborative”.
Another key message for Australia was that V2V technologies are now coming and so are automated
vehicles. These technologies will bring important benefits to the community, including increased
safety, and all stakeholders must now get on board to facilitate the introduction of these systems. Read More

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Highlights for Australia from the ITS World Congress High Level Policy Roundtable

Media Release 19 September 2014

Highlights for Australia from the ITS World Congress High Level Policy Roundtable

By ITS Australia President Brian Negus

Australia was represented at the High Level Policy Roundtable by Australian Government General
Manager of Land Transport Productivity Michael Sutton and Intelligent Transport Systems Australia
President Brian Negus.

Many of the national reports presented at the High Level Policy Roundtable brought promise of
exciting new applications of technology, including pilot programs and test beds. These projects will
be evaluated for ongoing development to be shared in future. Read More

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ITS Australia eNewsletter – September

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ITS Australia eNewsletter – September  2014 


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ITS Australia eNewsletter – August 2014

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CEO’s Report – Thank you to all those who responded to our recent member survey.  The comments and feedback will assist ITS Australia to continue to improve our services.  Importantly one of the most sought after items is news from our members about what they are up to and projects they are working on globally – please make sure you get in touch with our team and keep them up to date with your announcements so we can share them with you colleagues. Read more – Download August 2014

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July eNewsletter 2014

CEO’s Report

ITS Australia was pleased to hold another successful business event in Perth with over 60 ITS professionals gathering to get an update on the Main Roads WA Masterplan, an update on Streams and ITS activity in Perth and an overview of connected vehicles including global trends and local initiatives.  Presentations from this event have now been loaded onto the ITS Australia Knowledge Centre for our members to review. Download latest eNewsletter

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ITS Australia expands National Awards program

Media Release 16 July 2014

ITS Australia expands National Awards program

Intelligent Transport Systems Australia is calling for nominations by 30 September 2014 for its
expanded National ITS Awards program.

The 2014 National ITS Awards program has been expanded to five categories to better reflect the growth,
diversity and maturity experienced by the industry in recent years. ITS Australia Chief Executive Officer
Susan Harris said establishing three new award categories will enable judges to recognise innovation from a wider range of organisations.

“Australia is now a world leader in ITS technologies. The expanded National ITS Awards program will take
that message to an international audience of potential customers,” said Susan Harris. Read More







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Australian tolling industry plans for tag replacement

Australia’s 2014 National Electronic Tolling Conference (NeTC) inspired lively debate among the 130
delegates about tackling the need to replace seven-plus million tolling tags that are reaching the end
of their life.

In his opening address, Australian Toll Road Users’ Group Chair Rex Wright said the industry was potentially  facing a $100M bill over the next five years to replace old tags. As Australian tolling authorities operate a  harmonious national tag system, all toll operators are committed to a unified national approach, consistent  with the current interoperability.

Hosted annually by ITS Australia, the NeTC has grown over nine years to become a must attend event for Australian tolling industry executives. Delegates from Germany, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway,  Spain, Thailand and USA also attended the two day conference held in Sydney.

ITS Australia Chief Executive Officer Susan Harris said this forum continues to reflect the maturity of the tolling industry in Australia. “A great diversity of industry partners and competitors come together to share  learnings and explore common challenges at NeTC,” said Susan Harris.


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NeTC 2014 – last chance to register

National Electronic Tolling Conference

28 – 29 May 2014, Sydney

Registration closes this week, deadline: Thursday 22 May 2014

Make plans to register today before it is too late.

This is your last chance to register for the National Electronic Tolling Conference (NeTC 2014) to be held in Sydney from 28 to 29 May 2014.

Next week, senior roads authority and tolling representatives will gather at this once-a-year event for an exclusive business exchange and networking opportunity.  The two-day program will feature industry leaders who will share their insights to trends and the latest business practices both nationally and from around the globe.

Key sessions include:

  • Patronage and Road User Charging
  • Enforcement and Compliance
  • Back Office Revenue Collection

Download to view latest Campaign from NeTC 


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Congestion and standards – hot topics at ITS Australia conference

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The challenges of congested city transport systems and safety were the hot topics at the Intelligent
Transport Systems business exchange conference held recently in Melbourne featuring speakers
and delegates from Asia, Australia, Europe, USA and New Zealand.

Hosted by ITS Australia, the conference attracted 200 participants from seven nations and facilitated an international exchange about innovative technologies and successfully deployed solutions to major transport  issues across public, private and freight transport modes.

ITS Australia Chief Executive Officer Susan Harris said most speakers agreed that transport congestion in large metropolitan centres is a major challenge. “ITS solutions that address road traffic congestion and promote other transport modes were a focus of discussion at the conference,” Susan Harris said.

“A second key topic was the harmonisation of international standards. The globalisation of the transportation industry can enable faster and lower cost deployment of technologies when systems platforms are standardised,” she said.

 International standards

ITS Japan Chief Executive Officer Hajime Amano emphasised this point by predicting that in Japan vehicles are becoming part of the energy supply system. He noted the need to better understand how vehicles will  integrate into holistic energy networks to ensure future transport sustainability.

Hajime Amano also highlighted the emergence of connected and automated vehicles in Japan with
automated vehicles expected to be implemented in controlled environments by 2020. He emphasised the role of “big data” and the requirement for open platforms across public agencies and private enterprise to optimise the benefits of big data at a personal level and for organisations to assist in emergency response and transport strategy development.

Another speaker promoting harmonisation was TTS Italia Secretary General Olga Landolfi. She said a key objective in the European Union is to standardise platforms so transport systems can operate seamlessly across borders.

Italy has established the legal framework for this with the approval of the European Directive for ITS in 2010.

Next a National ITS Action Plan was developed to set the framework for addressing and implementing
mobility ITS solutions across Italy and to define the standards required. The priority action areas include  freight, multi-modal transport and smarter cities solutions.

ITS America President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Belcher identified three main challenges to move ITS solutions to the next level:

  • Connect to the cloud to bring outside content into the vehicle.
  • Adopt the standards required to prevent crashes with vehicle to vehicle communication.
  • Continue development of autonomous vehicles to enhance transport safety and sustainability.

He said the USA Federal Department of Transport has announced plans for legislation to mandate collision avoidance connected vehicle technology in all new vehicles. With development cycles for design and manufacture of vehicles extending up to 18 years, he suggested that time is critical in agreeing the platforms and systems required.


Click to enlarge Photo: The recent ITS Australia Business Exchange conference in Melbourne attracted local and international speakers, including (left to right) 2016 ITS World Congress Project Director Dean Zabrieszach, ITS America President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Belcher, TTS Italia Secretary General Olga Landolfi, ITS Japan Chief Executive Officer Hajime Amano, ITS Australia President Brian Negus, ITS Australia Chief Executive Officer Susan Harris, 2016 ITS World Congress Ambassador Liaison Norm Pidgeon, and Singapore Land Transport Authority Directors Grace Ong and Alan Quek.

Singapore Land Transport Authority Director Alan Quek said his government has a strong focus on test bed collaboration to support research addressing traffic mobility challenges and autonomous vehicles. They are planning to implement next generation road pricing, launch an autonomous bus trial and are working to harness the power of crowd sourced data and big data analytics.

Technology providers Here and Intelematics also reported on their solutions leveraging probe data to
enhance future traffic services, exploding the prevalence of internet connected vehicles with the next model round to deliver advanced traveller information services to drivers.

Memorandum of Understanding with Italy

Susan Harris said Australia’s status as an ITS industry leader was reflected in the fact that the event attracted senior international and Australian ITS experts.

The cooperative relationship between TTS Italia and ITS Australia was confirmed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations at a ceremony prior to the conference.

Susan Harris welcomed the expanded relationship with TTS Italia and the opportunities it offered to share information. ITS Australia has signed MoUs with 10 nations.


Click to enlarge Photo: Celebrating the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between

Australia and Italy were (left to right) ITS Australia Chief Executive Officer Susan Harris, TTS Italia Secretary General Olga Landolfi and ITS Australia President  Brian Negus.



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