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President’s Report 2019

It is my pleasure to deliver this, my second report on ITS Australia’s activities and achievements for the 2018/19 financial year.

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of ITS Australia’s members. For the past two years it has been my privilege to travel around Australia, and across the globe, to speak on behalf of you, and on behalf of our industry. It has been an opportunity for which I am sincerely grateful.

ITS Australia Events

This year the 7th Australian ITS Summit was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (28-29 August 2019). The Summit connected transport technology leaders from across the globe to explore the role of future technology in the context of international collaboration and rapidly evolving standards.

It was very gratifying to see such a strong turnout for the event. The Summit was attended by more than 500 industry stakeholders; featured a two-day program of 45 speakers, from leading Australian and global ITS organisations; and incorporated a busy exhibition hall with twenty-five industry exhibitors. From major industry players like Cubic and Kapsch, to new mobility innovators Via and Liftango, as well as technology and mapping specialists Aimsun and Here, the ITS Summit represented the full ecosystem of the ITS industry, both on the exhibition floor and the presentation stage.

The Summit took place alongside a meeting of the Michigan-Australia Exchange (MAX) on Future Mobility, a partnership between the State of Michigan and the Australian Government that came into being with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in October 2018 in Melbourne.

With more than 500 registered attendees this was a stand-out event for the year. Media interest was also high with a number of articles reporting on the event.

Our Industry Business Networking Events held around the country throughout the year had more than 800 industry professionals attending events in Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and for the first time, Hobart. All of these events continue to grow, with our Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne events each attracting well over 200 attendees. We look forward to continuing this program in 2020.

Looking back almost a year, the ITS Australia National Awards 2018 was a truly outstanding night in Brisbane. As always it was a pleasure to formally recognise the outstanding work that was done across the year, as well as to recognise those organisations that have now been members for over 10 years. Organisations reaching this 10-year milestone are recognised at the annual awards night.

In 2019, ITS Australia held the National Electronic Tolling Conference (NeTC) in Brisbane in June, as well as our second Mobility as a Service (MaaS) conference in Melbourne in May. Both events had very strong attendance and highly engaged attendees. In 2020 the MaaS conference will return to Sydney and NeTC will be incorporated into the ITS Asia Pacific Forum program as the conference’s Transport Pricing, Tolling and Charging stream.

An exclusive offering for our Platinum and Gold members, our Thought Leadership Dinners continued in 2018-19 bringing together leaders in our industry with Government Ministers. We’d like to thank The Hon Mark Bailey MP and The Hon Jaala Pulford MLC for their time and attention at the events in Brisbane and Melbourne this year.

The Thought Leadership series continues to be possible because of ITS Australia’s relationships with government and industry, the organisation’s ability to manage high level, multi-dimensional events and a continuing agenda of industry issues and opportunities. The feedback from these meetings continues to be positive from all sides of the table (members, ministers and government departments) and as such the Thought Leadership Series will continue in 2020.

The recent 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore was a great success. We had the largest ever Australian delegation at a World Congress held outside of Australia: more than 300 Australians representing over 100 Australian organisations working in ITS. Additionally, ITS Australia hosted a pavilion with 13 industry co-exhibitors. We continue to find that a collective approach to these international events provides a base for all Australian organisations to congregate. On the stand we held a morning tea celebrating Inclusive Mobility, and an informal networking function, both of which were exceedingly well attended. With upcoming Congresses in Los Angeles, Hamburg, and Suzhou we will continue securing great locations in the exhibition halls at these international events to showcase the best of Australian transport technology.

17th ITS Asia Pacific Forum

In May next year ITS Australia will host the 17th Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems in Brisbane. The overarching theme for the event is ITS Innovation Creating Liveable Communities.

All of us at ITS Australia are very excited about the event and we have a large number of stakeholders from across the industry participating in the various committees that have been formed to shape the event.

The call for papers for the event closed in September and we received 197 total submissions from 15 different countries, including 100 technical papers, 41 special interest sessions, 39 scientific papers, 17 commercial papers, and 7 Future Leaders submissions.

We are pleased that the Queensland Government has joined RACQ as a Premier Partner for the event. Those two organisations are part of a growing cohort of sponsors and exhibitors for the event. We are very grateful for the support we have received so far and look forward to bringing a truly outstanding Asia Pacific Forum to Brisbane next year.

Diversity Policy

Consistent with our diversity policy ITS Australia now monitors gender diversity across our various activities and are pleased to report back to members. It is important to note that while overall diversity is the goal, gender diversity has been selected as an initial focus on the basis that enhanced gender diversity has been shown to provide a pathway to improve overall diversity.

This graph highlights that the industry we operate in, based on our membership and event delegates, has 22% or less female representation. Across our other organisational activities the gender profile is generally more balanced, however, our board and of the speakers at our events, both typically composed of more senior industry representatives, still skews male.

As an initiative to support diversity, and particularly the retention of women across the various stages of their careers so that they can move into more senior roles within their organisations, ITS Australia has committed to offering complimentary registrations to our events for members on parental leave for three or more months. The intention is that this will enable members taking extended leave to stay connected with their professional networks and keep up to date with developments in the industry. We also invite members on parental leave to consider participating in one of our committees as another avenue to extend professional networks and remain active in the industry during a career break. Members who have employees who are interested taking up this invitation are encouraged to contact the office for more information.

Industry Engagement

The ITS industry is a highly transformational one. Those members who routinely attend our events will no doubt notice the ever-increasing number and variety of organisations that make up our industry, with new start-ups, representing new and emergent technologies, routinely entering our space. At ITS Australia it is our challenge to keep pace with an increasingly diversifying industry whilst also continuing to provide outstanding service to our existing member base.

The board, committees, and staff of ITS Australia continually seek to improve the range of services that we offer to members. Currently our team are working hard on the redevelopment of ITS Australia’s website to create a new and improved member experience in the digital space, and to provide a brand-new platform to promote the tremendous work that you, our members, do.

The MaaS National Reference Committee was convened following the positive reception to the report MaaS in Australia: Customer Insights and Opportunities published by ITS Australia and project partners through iMOVE. With more than 50 representatives from government and industry, the Committee has met for two highly productive workshops in 2019 and sub-committees working on specific areas of interest have also met throughout the year. ITS Australia will be publishing a high-level report outlining these activities and actions.

In this sector, industry consultation is essential, and the Australian Government at all levels has been undertaking an impressive range of stakeholder engagement activities on an equally impressive array of issues. ITS Australia has made several submissions on behalf of our members; including the 2020 Cyber Security Strategy, NTC Regulatory Impacts Statements, and we’ve also published a statement on Connected and Automated Vehicles.

ITS Australia is currently leading a research project, Unlocking Shared Mobility, though iMOVE with research partners RMIT. The project will allow us to understand better how we can collaboratively work to increase the options for customers to access car-share services to improve outcomes for our transport networks and communities.

Following our events, slides and presentations are posted on the website, accessible to members only. Over the past 12 months more than 3,200 people visited this section of the website.

Across social media, our number of followers have increased across both Twitter and LinkedIn and we continue to have regular coverage in industry publications including ITS International, Smart Highways, Thinking Highways, Highway Engineering Australia, Infrastructure Magazine, and Traffic Transport Today.

Industry Leadership

As an industry leader ITS Australia continues to promote the industry, facilitate collaboration and foster partnerships. In addition to direct member interactions, ITS Australia and its members continue to represent the industry on a number of external boards, bodies and associations, including:

  • Industry Partner in Michigan-Australia Exchange (MAX) on Future Mobility, a partnership between the State of Michigan and the Australian Government
  • Facilitator – Austroads CAV Industry Reference Group
  • Formal partner with the University of Melbourne’s Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem (AIMES)
  • Formal participant in the iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre

Over the year ITS Australia has worked closely with national and international ITS communities to strengthen ties through these important networks. International engagement has included the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the State of Michigan and the Australian Government, high-level policy round table at the Singapore World Congress, as well as facilitating visits of a number of international delegations and industry workshops to work to shape future transport.

With a career spanning more than 50 years, Brian Negus is one of Australia’s most respected and influential transport and mobility leaders. In 2018 Brian was awarded the Max Lay Lifetime Achievement Award, following that honour, was inducted to the ITS World Congress Hall of Fame at the recent congress in Singapore. Brian is the first Australian to receive this honour.


I am extremely proud to be President of ITS Australia. I am also very grateful that I have the opportunity to represent an industry that is as dynamic and engaged as ours. One does not become President of an organisation such as this one without first being a proud member. I am fortunate to count myself as one amongst an extraordinary group of individuals and organisations that make ITS Australia one of the leading ITS organisations in the world.

Finally, I must mention ITS Australia’s CEO, Susan Harris, and her team, who do a marvellous job day to day in providing our members the sort of representation they deserve in both our own backyard and internationally.

Dean Zabrieszach
President, ITS Australia
November 2019

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MEDIA RELEASE – ITS Australia Board Elections Held in Adelaide

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA — The election of ITS Australia’s Board of Directors took place at last week’s Annual General Meeting held in Adelaide. Following the vote, all seven directors who were up for re-election maintained their board seats. There was significant interest in the directorships with 13 candidates nominating for the seven vacancies.

ITS Australia congratulates the re-elected Board members:

Dr Dale Andrea – VicRoads
Mr Chen Cai – Data61 / CSIRO
Mr Jeff McCarthy – Roads and Maritime Services
Ms Nathalie Sassen – Keolis Downer
Mr Dennis Walsh – Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads
Mr Chris Woods – Robert Bosch Australia
Mr Dean Zabrieszach – HMI Technologies

They will join ongoing members of the Board:

Mr Gino Dompietro – Jacobs Group
Mr Jeremy Nassau – Transurban
Mr Brian Negus – ITS Australia Ambassador / CICA Group
Prof Majid Sarvi – University of Melbourne / Founder of AIMES
Ms Silje Troseth – Q-Free Australia
Mr Soren Tellegen – Kapsch TrafficCom Australia
Mr Tom Walker (Replacing Dirk Van de Meerssche) – Cubic Transportation Systems
Mr Michael Watts – Transmax Pty Ltd

“The reappointment of all those directors who were up for re-election this year reflects the great confidence that ITS Australia’s members have in the leadership of their Board of Directors,” said Dean Zabrieszach, ITS Australia President.

“Certainly, ITS Australia is a strong now as it has been at any time in its 27-year history. That is due, in no small part, to the outstanding contributions of my colleagues on the Board.”

“With the 17th Asia Pacific Forum on Intelligent Transport Systems taking place in Brisbane next May, hosted by ITS Australia, the Board and I look forward to 2020 being another landmark year for the organisation.”

ITS Australia’s Board of Directors will continue to be led by Dean Zabrieszach as President and Dennis Walsh as Vice President, following their re-appointment by the new board for a subsequent two-year term.  

Tom Walker, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Cubic Transportation Systems will fill the board seat that is vacated by Dirk Van de Meerssche, also of Cubic Transportation Systems, following his recent resignation and relocation overseas. ITS Australia President, Dean Zabrieszach, acknowledged the great contribution made by Van de Meerssche throughout his three-year tenure on the board.

Zabrieszach also recognised the long-term contribution to the ITS Australia Board of Directors of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, first through the six-year term of James Hurnall and, more recently, the valuable participation of Lenore Fletcher.

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Podcasts from the 26th ITS World Congress

At the recent 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore, we were fortunate to talk to a wide selection of ITS leaders.

Meet our Co-Exhibitors: Part 1

On the very busy exhibition floor, ITS Australia Ambassador, Brian Negus, speaks to several of our neighbours on the ITS Australia stand at the 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore.

00:00-00:42 Intro
00:42-14:51 Mick Spiers, General Manager Asia, Cubic Transportation Systems
14:51-20:43 Jules Snow, Sales Marketing Manager, Intelematics
20:43-27:52 Ian Christensen, Managing Director, iMOVE Australia

Meet our Co-Exhibitors: Part 2

Brian Negus, speaks to more of our co-exhibitors on the ITS Australia stand at the 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore.

00:00-00:23 Intro
00:23-11:31 Kyle Connor, Global Transportation Industry Principal, Cisco
11:31-19:13 Majid Sarvi, Program Director – Transport Technologies, The University of Melbourne
19:13-26:56 Andrea Ash, VP Marketing, Cohda Wireless

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MEDIA RELEASE – Brian Negus First Australian Inductee to ITS World Congress Hall Of Fame

SINGAPORE — Brian Negus, ITS Australia Ambassador and Chairman of CICA Group, became the first Australian inducted to the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress Hall of Fame this week at the 26th ITS World Congress in Singapore.

At the opening ceremony of each annual ITS World Congress three individuals are honoured with the Hall of Fame award, one each from the Asia Pacific, American and European regions. Negus was inducted to the Hall of Fame alongside Jim Barbaresso of the United States and Svend Tøfting of Denmark.

The annual award recognises industry professionals who personify the highest standards of leadership and help to drive the ITS industry forward.

“I am deeply honoured to be recognised by my international ITS colleagues. However, I see this as much more than a personal award. I firmly believe that this award recognises the leading role that Australia has played for many years in advancing the adoption of smart technologies to improve transport”, said Negus.

“Vehicle technology is now at the forefront of the mobility, safety and environmental improvements that we in the industry have long been seeking”.

Hajime Amano, Secretary-General of ITS Asia Pacific said “With a career spanning more than 50 years, Brian Negus is one of Australia’s most respected and influential transport and mobility leaders.”

A director of ITS Australia since 2007 and president for six years, Negus is highly regarded for his long-standing strong contributions to transport, his commitment to intelligent transport initiatives, and his role in advocating for, and delivering ITS solutions in the transport sector.

Negus represents ITS Australia on the ITS World Congress Board, chaired the organising committee for the 2016 ITS World Congress held in Melbourne, and is chair of the ITS Australia Policy Committee. Negus’s career spans both the government and private sectors including General Manager Public Policy with the Royal Automobile Club Victoria (RACV); Deputy Director of Public Transport in Victoria; Regional Director of VicRoads; and General Manager of Port Planning at the Melbourne Port Corporation.

For his distinguished career Negus was awarded the Max Lay Lifetime Achievement Award in 2018 and named Ambassador and honorary life member.

About CICA Group

Cica Group was formed in 2012, combining an experienced group of client-focused strategists, advisors, technologists and commercial contract managers. Each has a proven record in guiding enterprises through analysis, planning, management, realisation and the ongoing support of complex technology projects.

Cica Group’s strength is its fusion of accomplished practitioners and their combined experience and expertise. Together they have unparalleled industry knowledge across Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Defence, Infrastructure, Transport, Mining, Utilities and Government sectors throughout Australia and overseas. Each practitioner has the ability to draw upon each other’s expertise to deliver sound and well-considered advice, leading clients to project success.

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Media Release – Intelligent transport pioneer Brian Smith awarded lifetime achievement


Intelligent transport pioneer Brian Smith awarded lifetime achievement

Brian Smith is the 2019 Max Lay Lifetime Award Recipient

Intelematics veteran Brian Smith has been recognised for his integral role in the advancement of Australian navigation technology by receiving the highest accolade by Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia, the Max Lay Lifetime Achievement Award. The globally recognised award celebrates the achievements of leaders in the transport industry and ITS.

Brian has had a distinguished career – in 1995 he played a leading role in developing the first digital navigation map in Australia, then in 2000 Brian led the development of technology that combined mapping data with telephone directory data. This made it possible for commuters to search for specific locations like the nearest café or petrol station which is still a popular function today.

Intelematics’ Chief Executive Officer, Rod Chapman, says Brian’s contributions throughout his 14 years at Intelematics have been industry-leading.

“Brian played a key role in the launch of what is now known as Intelematics’ SUNA Traffic Channel, which at the time was the first product of its kind and to this day is market-leading.

“Today, thanks in large part to Brian, Intelematics uses the SUNA Traffic Channel to provide traffic congestion and incident information to more than 4 million Australian and 2.5 million New Zealand drivers, plus an even greater number who access the information via a web browser or smartphone application,” said Mr Chapman.

Intelematics provides its customers, which include vehicle manufacturers, road authorities and fleets, with services including vehicle tracking and management, 24/7 emergency response assistance and traffic data as a service.

“It has been a privilege to work in a relatively young and fast developing ITS industry. This combined with having the good fortune to work for innovative and supportive organisations that have allowed risky product development the time to mature and deliver on potential has played a large part in the success of the products and teams I worked with,” said Brian Smith.

ITS Australia President, Dean Zabrieszach, says that Brian’s contributions to the industry have been impressive.

“Over the past 30 years, Brian has dedicated his professional career to advancing Australian ITS technologies. In doing so, Brian has become a leading voice in the industry.

“Brian is perhaps most highly regarded for his work delivering the nation’s first RDS-TMC digital traffic service in 2007.

“Today, Brian continues to advocate for safer, better transport for Australia. He is a very deserving recipient of the Max Lay Lifetime Achievement Award,” said Mr Zabrieszach.

Brian will be formally honoured at the ITS Australia Awards Presentation Night Dinner in Adelaide on Thursday 21 November.

For more information, or to receive comment from a spokesperson, please contact:

Intelematics Australia
Scott McCloud
[email protected]
+61 404 562 012

ITS Australia
Matt Harrison
[email protected]
+61 400 787 116


About Intelematics

Intelematics delivers the intelligence behind connected services to keep people moving. Since its establishment in 1999, Intelematics has continually been at the forefront of the telematics industry with a presence in Australia, North America and Europe. Intelematics’ expertise is delivered via a suite of scalable, multi-tenanted solutions. This includes connected transportation services such as real time insights and predictive services, connected motoring applications on vehicle dashboards and specialist safety and security services. Intelematics Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of RACV.


About ITS Australia

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia is the peak body for advanced transport technology in Australia. Formed in 1992, it has partnered with government, industry, and academia to shape future transport for more than 25 years. Australia is a global leader in intelligent transport and ITS Australia works on behalf of more than 130 member organisations to promote the development and deployment of technologies that enable all Australians to move more safely, efficiently, and sustainably through the nation’s transport networks.

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Mobile Device Data for Transport Planning – Victorian Government Request for Information

The Victorian State Government is seeking responses from suitably experienced organisations that can provide solutions to collecting and aggregating data on how people use the transport system and how the system is performing.

An RFI is currently open which will enable the Victorian Government Department of Transport’s Transport Analysis and Assessment Branch to develop a detailed understanding of the supplier market and understand how data from mobile and connected devices could be utilised in transport planning.

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ITS (UK) develops new scale to explain connected vehicle milestones

The United Kingdom’s Intelligent Transport Society, ITS (UK) has developed a “scale of connections for Co-operation of Connected vehicles”, to mirror the SAE scale for automated ones.
Developed by ITS (UK)’s Connected and Automated Vehicles Forum and supported by the Department for Transport and Highways England, this scale shows that connection and co-operation between existing and future vehicles and roads is very different from automation.

Visit ITS UK

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Last Chance to Apply for 2019 Singapore World Congress Youth Leadership Development Program

The 2019 Singapore World Congress Youth Leadership Development Program deadline for applications is this Thursday 28 February 2019.

Please note, the program is now considering applicants up to the age of 30. To apply download the application form and submit to [email protected]

The Youth Leadership Development Programme – a part of the 26th Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) World Congress 2019 that is taking place in Singapore – is a fully-hosted 8-day programme to be held from 18 to 25 October 2019.

The programme is designed to arouse the awareness of the tertiary students with respect to advanced intelligent transport technologies & concepts and inspire their creative and innovative ideas that solve real ITS problems.

Participants will get a chance to engage and mingle with entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from the ITS industry. Ideation mentorship and professional training will also be conducted during the programme, which will provide young leaders with an excellent platform to showcase their creative ideas

Youth leaders will work together in groups in an ideathon to ideate on “Grand Challenge” topics and present to a distinguished panel during the 26th ITS World Congress 2019. The best work will be awarded at the ITS World Congress Closing Ceremony.

Must be full-time undergraduate or post-graduate students at the age of 18-30 years old at the time of participation.
Must be able to travel on their own to Singapore.
Study in any of the following countries/areas:
ITS AP Members: Australia, China, Chinese-Taipei, Hong Kong SAR, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand
Major in the fields such as business management, information technology, information systems and engineering.
Be able to commit & attend the entire 8-day programme, 18-25 October 2019, which includes the flight into Singapore on 17 October, and out of Singapore on 26 October.

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Transurban Release NSW Partially Automated Vehicle Trials Findings

Transurban’s Sydney trial built on the findings of previous trials by highlighting where findings were consistent across Sydney and Melbourne, and by identifying new findings unique to the Sydney Orbital Network.

The collective findings will help vehicle manufacturers, road operators and governments prepare road infrastructure to support automated vehicles, as they become more common on our roads.

To see the trial’s findings and recommendations, download the trial report (PDF).

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Results of 2018 Annual Victorian Self-Driving Car Survey

More than 18,000 motorists participated in EastLink’s self-driving car survey this year, which is a massive 20% increase on last year. This is the largest survey of its type in the world.

This survey shows what Victorian motorists think about self-driving cars, driver assistance technologies, vehicle connectivity, electric power and road use charging – technologies which are expected to converge in cars of the future…

Compared to last year, fewer motorists want a fully self-driving car – the hype bubble has burst.

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