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New ITS America Report Re-examines the Challenges of Wireless Interoperability and Vehicle Connectivity

For Immediate Release

New ITS America Report Re-examines the Challenges of Wireless Interoperability and Vehicle Connectivity

Findings Suggest Vehicle Applications to Benefit from
Standards for Heterogeneous Networking

Washington, D.C. (November 5, 2014) – A new report released today by the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) investigates how heterogeneous mobile broadband networks could enable interoperability between next generation vehicle and road infrastructure applications.

Automakers, transportation agencies, and others have for more than a decade lamented the lack of wireless interoperability between disparate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), such as tolling, traffic control, and vehicle remote diagnostics. The emergence of Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) solved the largest part of this interoperability problem — specifically in reference to life-saving next generation vehicle safety technologies such as crash avoidance systems.

The report titled, Vehicle Applications and Wireless Interoperability: Heterogeneous Networks, “Multi-Path” Applications and their Impact on Transportationemphasizes that a new open internetworking standard is emerging to address interoperability of dissimilar mobile broadband networks– the Multi-path Transmission Control Protocol (Multi-path TCP).

Apple Inc. recently implemented a variant of the Multi-path TCP in its iOS operating system to support the intelligence personal assistant and knowledge navigator application Siri, enabling it to utilize Wi-Fi and cellular connections simultaneously and improve its robustness responding swiftly to voice queries. Apple CarPlay, released in 2014, is version of iOS designed to function with built-in automobile dashboards. Other companies are likely to use the same open standards to follow suite.

“New internetworking standards may erase distinctions between specialized wireless systems,” said ITS America Senior Technical Program’s Specialist Adrian Guan. “Such standards, if widely adopted, will allow apps, in particular traveler mobility apps, to choose the best network based upon service availability, unlimited by the type of radio technology.”

The Multi-path TCP protocol maintains simultaneous Internet Protocol (IP) connections across different radio networks to cloud based apps that are robust to roaming – leaving radio coverage areas and entering new hotspots – without breaking the connection. The report suggests that Multi-path TCP may be incorporated in a future Connected Vehicle environment to allow some DSRC mobility applications to utilize and roam across hotspot coverage areas. The report examines the opportunities and some of the remaining challenges to such heterogeneous networking in ITS.

Download the full report here.

About ITS America’s Connected Vehicle Technology Scan Series
This report and its associated webinar are part of the Technology Scan and Assessment project, which is a multi-year study that ITS America is conducting under sponsorship and guidance from the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office in the U.S. Department of Transportation.  The Technology Scan and Assessment series has covered a number of topics such as Mobile Broadband, Cybersecurity, Crash Avoidance, and Autonomous Vehicles. To learn more about the Technology Scan and Assessment, visit our Web page or download the U.S. DOT Technology Scan Fact Sheet.

Media Contact:                                                           Technical Contact:
Ashley Simmons, Director of Communications       Adrian Guan, Senior Technical Programs Specialist
202-721-4218 / [email protected]                      202-721-4236 / [email protected]


The Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) is the nation’s largest organization dedicated to advancing the research, development and deployment of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) to improve to improve mobility, increase connectivity and build a safer, smarter,
more efficient and sustainable transportation system.

Learn more at and join the conversation @ITS_America

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Zero stars for Indian-sold Datsun Go and Maruti Suzuki Swift

For Immediate Release: Wednesday 5 November 2014
Zero stars for Indian-sold Datsun Go and Maruti Suzuki Swift.

Global NCAP, the overarching consumer vehicle safety testing organisation, has today revealed
zero star safety ratings for the Indian-sold Datsun Go and Maruti Suzuki Swift. These ratings were announced in Delhi, India, at the launch of the latest New Car Assessment Program, Bharat New Car Assessment Program (Bharat NCAP).

“The formation of an Indian-based NCAP is a positive step and ANCAP congratulates the Indian
Government and the Institute of Road Traffic Education (ITRE) on bringing this program to fruition,” said
ANCAP Chairman, Mr Lauchlan McIntosh. Read Media Release

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Locate15 – call for presenters

Monday March 9, 2015 – Thursday March 12, 2015

View MapMap and Directions | Register


The Power of Location

  • 10-12 March 2015
  • Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Locate15 is Australia & New Zealand’s leading Spatial event. It is designed to energise the location industry, inspire both producers and consumers of location information, and drive greater awareness, adoption and innovation.

Call for Presenters
We would like to hear your inspirational stories and your experiences; economic, political, social, environmental or business problems solved; and the goal of data, software and hardware. Presentations with a focus on the user perspective and needs are encouraged, as are presentations by location technology users.

We invite prospective presenters to submit a brief Executive Summary of up to 400 words under the Session Themes – identified by practitioners, industry, researchers and users – as issues of most topical interest.

1. Environment
2. Innovation, Research & Development (incorporating [email protected] Locate15)
3. Sustainable management of our Natural Resources
4. Health
5. Managing our investment in Infrastructure & Utilities
6. Securing our Nation; Disaster & Emergency Management

Closing Date: Friday 28 November at midnight

[email protected]

[email protected] is organised by the Australasian Spatial Information Education and Research Association, ASIERA.

It will be a transparent full-paper peer review process, with carefully selected presentations and papers, with its own annual, open-access proceedings. The accepted papers will appear in the CEUR Workshop Proceedings Series (, an open-access publication service of Sun SITE Central Europe.

For information on themes, submission dates and to submit your abstract/paper/poster for review, please go to


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25,000 IVUs That Satisfy Key TCA Requirements Installed in Australian Heavy Vehicles

Media Release from Transport Certification Australia

25,000 IVUs That Satisfy Key TCA Requirements Installed in Australian Heavy Vehicles

Intelligent Access Program (IAP) Service Providers have advised TCA that there are approximately 25,000 IVUs installed in heavy vehicles which meet the requirements of the IAP Functional and Technical Specification or the Telematics IVU Functional and Technical Specification, with some amendments. Read Press Release

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Cohda applauds news of GM’s first ‘connected car’

News release: September 23, 2014

Cohda applauds news of GM’s first ‘connected car’
Global connected vehicle technology leader Cohda Wireles has welcomed news that General Motors’ first intelligent ‘connected car’ is due of the production lines within the next two years.
Delphi Automotive PLC, a company that will supply GM with connectivity technology to let cars “talk” with one another and provide drivers with critical safety information, uses Cohda’s safety applications software. Read More

For further information on Recent media on Cohda Wireless and its partners:



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VTA welcomes new interim CEO

MEDIA RELEASE 1 October 2014
Victorian Transport
The Victorian Transport Association (VTA) today welcomed Peter Anderson to the role of interim Chief
Executive Officer following the recent departure of Neil Chambers.
VTA President Brendan Hopley commented that the VTA Executive Council, staff and members are fortunate that Peter was available to fulfill the role of interim CEO.

“With over 30 years’ experience in the transport industry, the industry as a whole will benefit from Peter’s extensive operational knowledge and experience. Read Media Release

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ADAS technology is reducing crashes

Although driverless or autonomous vehicles (AVs) attract the most media attention, some of the new technologies involved in their development are already having a major impact on road safety. Increasingly, vehicles are equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that insurance industry research shows are preventing or reducing some types of common crashes. Starting out as options on a few luxury models, crash avoidance systems have steadily spread to more of the fleet.

Read Full Article – Traffic Technology Today 1 October 2014 

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Prof. Jack Singh to head NICTA Victoria

Industry R&D expert Prof. Jack Singh to head NICTA Victoria


NICTA, Australia’s ICT Research Centre of Excellence, is pleased to announce that Prof. Jack Singh has been appointed as Director, NICTA Victoria. Prof. Singh joins NICTA from La Trobe University where he has been Director of the Centre for Technology Infusion, which focuses on strategic and translational research related to ICT. Read More

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Intelligent Transport Systems Master Plan released

ITS Master Plan to guide Main Roads to achieve its 2020 vision of ‘Smart Roads, Safe Journeys’

The newly released Main Roads Intelligent Transport Systems Master Plan is set to guide Main Roads on their strategic journey to ‘Smart Roads, Safe Journeys’ by 2020.

Developed through an extensive consultation process involving stakeholder workshops and industry submissions, the ITS Master Plan provides a strategic plan to deal with key challenges such as congestion, Big Data, and automated and connected vehicles.  The plan also outlines initiatives that will improve the delivery of ITS-enabled services with a focus on increasing system reliability and security, standardisation, data management, procurement and governance, and expertise building.

The Main Roads ITS Master Plan together with the supporting background papers is now available for download from here.

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Dean Zabrieszach – Traffic Interview

Published in August/September 2014 issue Traffic Technology International

VicRoads’ director of operations, Dean Zabrieszach, knows advanced traffic management will play online pokies a vital role in shaping Melbourne’s future. Read full article



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