Australian TMC Location Tables

One of the first projects of ATTIF’s predecessor was the creation of a set of shared open Australian Location Tables with national coverage.  ATTIF continues to oversee the ongoing update and maintenance task associated with the tables.

Licensing of the Australian TMC Location Tables is managed by ITS Australia on behalf of consortium members Sensis, Navteq, and Intelematics. These parties fund the ongoing maintenance of the tables including ITS Australia’s associated costs, and have agreed to be bound by certain terms designed to develop the market for TMC-based traveller information products and services and ensure equitable treatment of current and prospective consortium members.

Description of Tables

The Table Specification details the approach used to develop the tables and the content and structure of the tables.

The statistics for each table show the level of detail included in the completed tables.

Costs to Access Location Tables

Although the Australian tables are not a commercial product consortium members have agreed to a framework under which additional traffic service providers may become licensees of the Australian tables. In essence, additional licensees will make a financial contribution based on the costs incurred by licensees thus far, which will be reimbursed to current licensees after deduction of administration expenses. It is envisaged that new licensees of the Australian Tables will have similar rights and obligations to other members.

The Consortium may be willing to consider alternative arrangements for non-commercial applications of the Location Tables.

Test and Evaluation

As the Location Tables have been created and paid for by industry members they are unavailable for test and evaluation purposes outside signing for a full licence and paying the associated fees.  The tables are certified by TISA so there are no issues associated with the tables meeting the requirements of the TMC standard.

A key principle of the current arrangement is that all participants are treated equally. The existing members were required to fund the development of the Location Tables over a number of years, this included the contribution of significant unpaid time and resources during the development phase.  The tables were not available for test or other purposes prior to the investment in creating them.  New organisations wishing to use the Location Table are therefore offered the tables on similar conditions.

Further information

Further enquiries regarding the tables and access can be directed to

Platinum Members

Corporate Gold Members

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