ATC-BRAUMS (Aldridge Traffic Controllers)
Cohda Wireless

8 – 10 May 2018
Fukuoka International Congress Center, Japan MAP

Preliminary Program released – topics discussed will include:

  • Safe and secure society
  • Smart mobility
  • Next generation mobility
  • Infrastructure technologies for practical ITS
  • Development of human resource and education

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Co-Exhibitors on the Australia Stand


ATC-BRAUMS (Aldridge Traffic Controllers)

Supplier of all motor vehicle traffic management related services.

Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC) is an international distributor for the Urban Traffic Management system SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System). ATC manufacturers SCATS compatible traffic signal controllers for the world market. The company also provides a multitude of services related to the traffic management industry including, traffic signal design, traffic engineering, traffic management consulting services for the development of specifications and the management process for traffic control centres. ATC delivers SCATS related services including, design and installation, SCATS training, SCATS optimisation services and site configuration.


Cohda Wireless

Cohda Wireless leads the way with proven V2X applications and CAV technology for connecting vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians that will make our streets safer, smarter and greener.

Cohda Wireless provides innovative solutions that enable vehicles to connect with other vehicles and with Smart City infrastructure. These connections span Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (collectively called V2X), and allow vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other, Smart Cities, and vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and be more efficient. Cohda is the technology leader in the Connected Vehicle space, with expertise spanning everything from antennas to applications and a very strong patent position.

Sponsorship and Co-Exhibitor opportunities in Japan

Located at the top of the south island, Fukuoka is Japan’s sixth largest city, with a population of over 2.5 million people. The city boasts an advanced public transport system, with a fully integrated network of connected expressways and adaptive support services. The 16th ITS Asia Pacific Forum Fukuoka 2018 will feature new trends and emerging ITS technology and services targeted at development of Asian mobility.

Held in Japan for the first time in 22 years, the 2018 ITS Asia Pacific Forum is expected to attract 1,000 delegates and over 3,000 visitors to the exhibition making this the perfect opportunity to directly collaborate and network with key decision-makers. Strengthen your organisation’s market visibility and generate new business partnerships directly with key Asia Pacific executives.

Participation by ITS Australia

  • Attendance by Australia and New Zealand ITS professionals
  • Australian Stand hosted by ITS Australia – featuring co-exhibitors showcasing Australian technology.
  • A high-level networking Cocktail Reception hosted by ITS Australia held at a premium venue in the modern city of Fukuoka.
  • ITS Australia Platinum, Gold and Silver Member logos showcased on both the ITS Australia and ITS Asia Pacific Stands in the Expo Hall, along with highlights of ITS Australia’s 2018 event and advocacy programs.
  • Close collaboration with Austrade in Japan providing local assistance and business introductions.
  • ITS Australia are represented on both the ITS World Congress and ITS Asia Pacific Boards providing opportunity to influence discussion and decision-making supporting the particular needs of the Australian industry.
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Registration and Accommodation – Open

ITS Japan and the ITS Asia Pacific Forum organizing committee extend a warm invitation to local, regional and worldwide specialists, experts and government officials in the transportation and smart city sectors to join the upcoming 16th ITS Asia Pacific Forum and Exhibition in Fukuoka Japan from 8 – 10 May 2018. Registration and accommodation open.


  • Keiji Yamamoto Managing Officer Toyota Motor Corporation and Executive Vice President, Connected Company
  • Russ Shields Chair of Ygomi LLC


  • Theme: Everyone’s Mobility by ITS
  • Smart card, a gigantic infrastructure of societies
  • ITS discussed from the view of Internet industry
  • Government Panel – Automated driving for the realization of Society5.0
  • ITS, helping the solution of the social challenges
  • Impact on society by new era of mobility
  • Smart and safe city realized by utilization of traffic data
  • Intelligent infrastructure for new mobility
  • Innovation for better mobility
  • Towards a car-lite society
  • Cyber security in ITS
  • International standardization of Automated Driving by ISO/TC204
  • The key to MaaS success
  • The prospective of connected motorcycle
  • Practical map technology of automated driving
  • Construction of the traffic data unification platform
  • Regional ITS
  • ITS for handicapped persons and vulnerable road users
  • Automated driving and mobility needs of community

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