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Cohda Wireless
Micro Connect
SAGE Automation
Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Government of South Australia

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade)
Data61 CSIRO

Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem (AIMES)
National Transport Commission

17 – 21 September 2018
The Bella Centre, Copenhagen Denmark – MAP

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In Conversation with ITS Australia in Copenhagen

To bring you news direct from the Congress, and to reflect Brian Negus’ new role as ITS Australia Ambassador, we’ve asked him to be our ‘voice’ at the Congress. Over the course of the next 5 days, he’ll be speaking with luminaries and newbies of the ITS world and reporting back to our members in Australia.

21 Sept 2018: Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO ERTICO (ITS Europe) – History of the World Congress
21 Sept 2018: Richard Harris, OHMIO Automotion, United Kingdom – Mobility as a Service
21 Sept 2018: Graham Scott, ITS United Kingdom – MaaS in Scotland
21 Sept 2018: Daniel Ruiz, CEO Meridian Mobility, United Kingdom – Safety and Collaboration
20 Sept 2018: Shailen Bhatt, President and CEO, ITS America – Smart Communities / Russ Shields, Ygomi / Hajime Amano, Secretary-General, ITS Asia Pacific
19 Sept 2018: Daniel Hoyne, Project Manager, VicRoads/AIMES (Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem)
19 Sept 2018: Andrea Ash, Vice President Marketing, Cohda Wireless
18 Sept 2018: Michael Helleman, Austrade
18 Sept 2018: Paul Retter, National Transport Commission

Preliminary Program Released

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Special Announcement
His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, has been appointed Patron of the 25th ITS World Congress 2018 in Copenhagen and he will attend the Official Opening Ceremony on Monday 17 September at 16:00 in the Bella Center.

Important Congress Dates:

  • Registration – OPEN (let us know if you are attending)
  • Status notification to paper authors and SIS organisers: end March 2018
  • Re-submission deadline for conditionally accepted papers: 4 May 2018
  • Early Bird Registration deadline: 2 July 2018
  • Speaker registration deadline: 2 July 2018
  • Final Papers submissions deadline: 2 July 2018


With 10,000+ ITS and aligned industry professionals, the 25th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems will be the largest global gathering of intelligent transportation professionals in 2018. ITS Australia will continue to have a large presence at the World Congress and will once again host the Australia Pavilion at stand #C1-085, along with hosting high profile networking functions, multiple speaking spots, and hold positions on both the ITS World Congress International Program Committee and the ITS Asia Pacific Board of Directors to advocate for members and ensure Australia’s agendas remain front of mind in this highly competitive and fast developing industry.

Premium Co-Exhibitors on the ITS Australia Pavilion


ATC-BRAUMS (Aldridge Traffic Controllers)

Supplier of all motor vehicle traffic management related services.

Aldridge Traffic Controllers (ATC) is an international distributor for the Urban Traffic Management system SCATS (Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System). ATC manufacturers SCATS compatible traffic signal controllers for the world market. The company also provides a multitude of services related to the traffic management industry including, traffic signal design, traffic engineering, traffic management consulting services for the development of specifications and the management process for traffic control centres. ATC delivers SCATS related services including, design and installation, SCATS training, SCATS optimisation services and site configuration.


Cohda Wireless

Cohda Wireless leads the way with proven V2X applications and CAV technology for connecting vehicles, infrastructure and pedestrians that will make our streets safer, smarter and greener.

Cohda Wireless provides innovative solutions that enable vehicles to connect with other vehicles and with Smart City infrastructure. These connections span Vehicle-to-Vehicle, Vehicle-to-Infrastructure, and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (collectively called V2X), and allow vehicles to ‘talk’ to each other, Smart Cities, and vulnerable road users in order to avoid accidents, reduce congestion and be more efficient. Cohda is the technology leader in the Connected Vehicle space, with expertise spanning everything from antennas to applications and a very strong patent position.


Micro Connect

Data Connection Solutions

Micro Connect is a leader in connecting traffic signal controllers to the SCATS® traffic control software using TCP/IP, with the majority of Australia using Micro Connect products. We provide industrial custom built high reliability hardware that can be tailored to individual requirements and work closely with our customers to provide continual improvements and additions to our expanding range of LCM equipment.

The new LCM RE is a milestone in our development with future expansion assured along with integrated cards for Ethernet, SFP Fibre, 4G and VDSL/ADSL connections.

All of our hardware is designed for a long life span. Production and component control in done in house along with our own SMD pick and place line and strict quality control processes. We also offer full repairs on all of our hardware along with enhanced testing facilities emulating real life installations.


SAGE Automation

The best thinking in automation and control.

SAGE Automation is Australia's leading integrator of intelligent transport system (ITS) technologies that improve end-user experience, reduce life cycle costs, lessen environmental impact and prepare our transport systems for future technologies. SAGE delivers these solutions across 7 sub-sectors: End-to-End Transport Projects — Congestion Management — Autonomous Shuttles — Intermodal Transport — Data Analytics — Smart City Innovations — Operations and Maintenance.

PLUS: 5 Start-Ups Hosted on the ITS Australia Pavilion

Opportunity to Participate at the World Congress

Be a Co-Exhibitor or Sponsor on the ITS Australia Pavilion

Being a co-exhibitor on a major pavilion is the best way to get noticed at this major global event – providing high visibility in the exhibition for your industry solutions. Leverage this opportunity to be part of the ITS Australia Pavilion and generate new business leads across Europe, Americas and Asia Pacific.

Exhibitor List

  • 10,000+ visitors through the Exhibition Hall
  • Logo branding, wall mounted monitor, lockable storage, ample bench-top space for displays and meeting spaces
  • Access to official World Congress Media Partners
  • Multiple website listings
  • Official World Congress online Exhibitor Profile
  • Global brand and media engagement
  • ITS Australia Cocktail Reception guest invitations
  • Project Management done for you!

Final spots remain, email ITS Australia to request the Prospectus: [email protected]

Participation by Australia at the Congress

  • A large contingent of Australian and New Zealand ITS professionals will attend, present, network and do business.
  • Large Australian Pavilion hosted by ITS Australia stand #C1-085 – featuring co-exhibitors showcasing Australian technology.
  • An Invitation-Only networking Cocktail Reception hosted by ITS Australia held at a premium venue in stunning Copenhagen. (Let us know if you are going so that we can send you an invitation!)
  • ITS Australia hosted podcast, vox pop and interviews.
  • All ITS Australia Members showcased on the ITS Asia Pacific Pavilion in the Expo Hall, along with highlights of ITS Australia’s 2018 event and networking program.
  • ITS Australia hold several positions on both the ITS World Congress International Program Committee and the ITS Asia Pacific Board of Directors providing opportunity to influence discussion and decision-making to support the particular needs of the Australian industry.

AU Presentations in the Program

  • Plenary 3, Friday 21 September 2018, 11.00am – 12.15pm: Paul Retter AM, CEO National Transport Commission [Plenary Speaker: What’s next for Automated Mobility]
  • SIS01 – Comparing Permits Authorising Trials Of Automated Vehicles. Which Works Best?
  • SIS03 – Bringing New Products And Services To Market
  • SIS20 – Improved Situational Awareness To Drive Improved Operations
  • SIS23 – Deployment Of Autonomous Shuttles On Public Roads – Experiences From Five Different Countries
  • SIS26 – Intelligent Operations Models For Mobility-As-A-Service
  • SIS28 – Cooperative-ITS Standards Gaps
  • SIS30 – Predictive Analytics For Intelligent Mobility
  • SIS42 – Automated Shuttles – Lessons From Trials And The Path To Deployment
  • SIS44 – Smart Metrics For Smart Cities – Traffic Signals’ Contribution To Liveability
  • SIS49 – Fast Deployment Of V2X Using Cellular Networks And Neutral Servers
  • SIS60 – Cybersecurity For Public-Facing ITS Systems
  • SIS62 – Traffic IOT Sensing by Various Manners
  • SIS64 – Future Of Mobility: The Questions We Are Afraid To Ask!
  • SIS76 – Investigating The Emerging Employment Opportunities Created By Future Transport Technology
  • SIS78 – Deploying Connected ITS In Small Cities
  • TS11 – Communication Technologies 1
  • TS20 – Public Transit Systems
  • TS27 – Vulnerable Road Users
  • TS35 – MaaS Planning and Policy
  • TS43 – Traffic Management and Connected Infrastructure 2
  • TS48 – Travel Time Estimation
  • TS49 – Mixed Traffic and Transitions
  • TS51 – Mobility on Demand
  • TS60 – Road Management Operations 1
  • TS65 – Road Management Operations 2
  • TS67 – Data and ITS
  • SP01 – Environmental Studies
  • SP09 – Simulation and Modelling
  • SP10 – Commercial Vehicles and Freight Solutions
  • SP11 – Deep Learning
  • CP01 – Urban Living Services 1
  • ES01 – Healthy and Liveable Cities
  • ES04 – Managing the Ebbs and Flows of Travel
  • ES12 – Upping the Game in Safety
  • WORKSHOP: ITS Safety And Sustainability – Security And Safety Issues For Automated Vehicles and MaaS

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