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Australia is the only nation in the Southern Hemisphere to have had the privilege of hosting two ITS World Congresses, the 8th ITS World Congress in Sydney 2001 and the 23rd ITS World Congress in Melbourne 2016.

The 2016 World Congress saw 11,500 registered delegates attend and was estimated to benefit the Melbourne economy by AU$46.6 million – nearly twice the initial projection. Read media release. . .

It was the largest international association conference held in Australia that year, and the second largest international association conference ever held in Melbourne. Delegates came from 73 countries to hear 663 speakers. There were 17 technical tours, 14 vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure demonstrations, and a number of MOUs, agreements and partnerships were signed among 278 exhibitors in the huge 19,000 sqm Expo Hall. In addition, nearly 2,500 members of the community attended the informative free to attend Melbourne Conversation Sessions, Expo Public Open Days and student display and participation programs.

ITSWC16 Expo Hall

Over 11,500 attended ITSWC16 in Melbourne

Here’s some of the feedback provide by delegates at the 2016 ITS World Congress

“What a really good World Congress! My favourite city in Australia and an extraordinary group of people. Huge learnings and great company”.

“As a citizen who loves all that is so special and unique in Melbourne, I felt that ITSWC/2016 did us proud”.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to see many events around the globe and this was beyond world class”.

“You have placed the bar very high for the future events”.

“I personally enjoyed it very much and have received a lot of positive feedback from attendees who though it was a terrific event!”


In the early 1990’s, the three main world organisations responsible for advancing Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS Japan (Asia Pacific), ITS America (the Americas) and ERTICO (Europe), agreed that there should be one major international World Congress each year. They should aim to provide a prestigious platform for the presentation and discussion of advanced concepts, research results and deployment activities. It was agreed that each Congress would include a major display of new equipment and systems of operating practices. This initiative has proven to be a successful annual event and beneficial to all participants; government, developers, users and operators of ITS. Beginning in Paris in 1994, it has rotated around the three regions of Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

ITS Australia holds Director positions on the ITS World Congress and ITS Asia Pacific Boards of Directors.

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