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The call for abstracts has officially closed.

The Program Committee thanks those who have expressed interest to present at the conference and submitted their abstract – a record number were received!  Notifications regarding submissions have been issued and the preliminary program has been published.

Would you like to present at a future NeTC or ITS Australia event? 

The theme of NeTC 2017 is Converging Smarter Tolling Technologies. The conference will focus on how road authorities, state government departments and private industry are utilizing emerging ITS technology to provide intelligent mobility and transport solutions to move traffic more efficiently and safely around our cities and states. Presenters will also look to explore related topics such as customer and community approaches, big data, freight and tolling and alternate funding models. What would the perfect city look like in 20 years? Scenario modelling and start-ups also invited to submit.

If your organisation has developed or deployed advanced technology solutions involved with major tolling, congestion management innovation or road user projects nationally or internationally – consider a presentation spot at an ITS Australia event.

All submissions will be reviewed by ITS Australia.

For information only . . .

How to Submit

Abstract Submission FORM Guidelines

  • Email your completed Submission Form to ITS Australia: (was due 12 December 2016)
  • Notifications emailed January 2017


  • Abstracts should be 200 words and written as a full paragraph. Multiple abstracts per submitter are permitted.
  • Submitters will be notified of acceptance or otherwise January 2017.
  • All submissions should use the formal Abstract Submission Form.
  • There is no funding provided to speakers and all speakers are required to pay a registration fee. A discounted speaker rate will be available. All presenters are responsible for their own expenses and arrangements to attend and present – it is also expected that presenters will make themselves available for the full meeting to provide value and networking opportunities to attendees. (Note that Day or Session Only registration options are not available.)
  • There can be up to 2 speakers per abstract / presentation.
  • Formal invitations will be emailed to accepted submissions seeking Speaker Acceptance, details of speaker and any co-speakers and to complete speaker registration.
  • Abstracts must not contain bullet points, references, pics, charts, diagrams or tables. Any acronyms must be spelt out in the first instance – refer to the Guidelines for more information.
  • The organisers reserve the right to adjust the timeline as required.

Submission Topics

  1. Customer Service and Tolling
  2. Tolling Back Office Systems
  3. Enforcement and Collection
  4. Recent and Upcoming Projects – Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and Global
  5. Replacement and Maintenance Funding of Infrastructure
  6. Road User Charging, Reform and Consumer Approaches
  7. Tolling Techniques and Community Attitudes
  8. Current Tolling Inter-Operability Arrangements and Alternatives
  9. Big Data – Collection, Exchange and Privacy Issues
  10. Vehicle Trends – C-ITS, Automations and Tolling
  11. Freight and Tolling
  12. Congestion Management in Smart Cities
  13. Smart Tolling Technologies / Future Technologies, App Services and Innovation
  14. Alternative Funding Models
  15. Vehicle Technology – Impacts for infrastructure, including C-ITS and spectrum matters
  16. Legislation and National Standards, Regulatory Focus
  17. Alternate Customer Service Options
  18. Smart Cities and Convergence of Technologies
  19. Advanced Traffic Management Systems / Network Congestion Management
  20. What would be perfect city look like in 20 years? Scenario modelling
  21. Start-Ups: New companies, new players, new technology


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