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The ITS Australia’s Thought Leadership Dinners provide a unique opportunity for selected industry leaders and key Government Ministers to connect in an exclusive environment and explore community and government decision making over the next decade in Australia.

With the current rapid pace of change in the transport technology sector, it is more important than ever for the Australian ITS industry to work together to ensure Australia continues to be a world leader. Following on from the success of ITS Australia’s national Thought Leadership Series in 2017 and 2018, Platinum and Gold Members are cordially invited to continue discussions again in 2019. Through the development, deployment and adoption of the right technology in the right time frames, Australia can maintain its edge in delivering advanced transport technology to maintain the high standards of liveability in our cities and communities.

In the Smart Transport for Australia Report, ITS Australia identified 43 opportunities to drive safer, more efficient and sustainable transport in Australia. As progress continues at a fast pace, it is more important than ever for the Australian ITS industry to work together to ensure the transport technology sector in Australia continues to be a world leader.

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Attendance at the ITS Australia Thought Leadership Dinners is available to all Platinum and Gold Members only, and attendance is by exclusive invitation. Not sure if your organisation is a member? Click here for the member list, or contact ITS Australia to discuss an upgrade to your membership.

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