Max Lay Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

ITS Australia is pleased to recognise each of our Max Lay Lifetime Award recipients as Lifetime Members of ITS Australia.
These leaders in our industry are selected by the ITS Australia Board for their outstanding contribution to the ITS industry.

2018Brian Negus
Brian was a Director of ITS Australia for 12 years from 2007 – and for 6 of those he was President. Brian is now ITS Australia Ambassador, representing ITS Australia nationally and internationally.
2017Lauchlan McIntosh (AM)
Member of the Order of Australia (AM), for his outstanding contribution to improving the safety and mobility of the community.
2016Ian Oxworth
With 30 years’ experience in research and development of guided weapons, aircraft and targeting systems, Ian is responsible for the implementation and operation of EastLink’s 26 toll points and all other ITS systems.
2015Andrew Garrett
Recognised for his service to transport in Australia over the past four decades. Andrew Garrett was one of ITS Australia’s inaugural Directors.
2014Ken Daley
Widely credited with having coined the term “eTAG”. An engineer with a career spanning 41 years, he is a pioneer of tolling interoperability across Australia.
2013Keith Aldridge
Keith Aldridge was posthumously awarded for his extraordinary creative vision, passion and dedication to making transport systems safer through improved signalling, signage and lighting systems.
2012John Lees
Awarded to John Lees for more than 40 years of pushing the boundaries of Intelligent Transport Systems.
2011Peter Lowrie
Awarded to Traffic Engineer and ITS technology researcher and developer, Peter Lowrie also recognised for the legacy of Arthur Sims in developing the Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System (SCATS).
2010Dr Max Lay
Australian pioneer ITS researcher, project implementer and passionate advocate Dr Max Lay was recognised for his career-long commitment to the industry with ITS Australia’s first Lifetime Achievement Award. When presenting the award, ITS Director Gino Dompietro said: “Max Lay was a founder of the original Australian ITS Society, helped establish ITS Australia and has been recognised internationally for his significant contributions to ITS technologies. In future this award will be known as the Dr Max Lay Prize.”

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