Day 5

The 25th ITS World Congress has concluded in great ceremony with the orb being passed to Singapore for 2019.

During the last day of the Congress, Brian Negus was able to chat with a number of high profile ITS leaders, including Jacob Bangsgaard, CEO, ERTICO (ITS Europe).  Having attended ITS World Congresses over the past 18 years, either as leader of ERTICO or as a leader at FIA, Mr. Bangsgaard finds the events continue to be special.  And whilst topics may have changed over 25 years, the focus is as ever to utilise ITS technology to make the transport world a better place – safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Brian Negus, ITS Australia Ambassador

The links below will take you to conversations with…..

History of the ITS World Congress – Jacob Bangsgaard, ERTICO

Mobility as a Service – Richard Harris, OHMIO, UK

Safety and Collaboration – Daniel Ruiz, Meridian Mobility, UK

Day 4

It’s the penultimate day at the Congress, but the conversation isn’t slowing yet!

Brian Negus has continued chatting with ITS luminaries – Shailen Bhatt, President, ITS of America, and the original ITS Hall of Famer, Russ Shields currently Chair of Ygomi.

Brian also chatted with Mr. Hajime Amano, Secretary-General, ITS Asia Pacific and President ITS Japan. Amano San reflected with Brian on  “the need for the communities we are working in to be a part of the process in delivering the best possible outcomes for them, noting that it’s particularly interesting to consider the countries that rate highest in the World Happiness Index are currently majority Scandinavian. Four different countries have held the top spot in the four most recent reports- Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and now Finland. With Congress in Copenhagen this year it’s helpful to consider learnings from our peers and local governments on what we can do better in our home countries to work to achieve higher ‘happiness’ ratings in our communities.”

Brian continued that theme with Shailen Bhatt on the importance of communities over technology for technologies sake. Reflecting on his years as head of the Department of Transport in Colorado and prior to that in Delaware, Bhatt said “he was looking forward to next year’s Congress in Singapore”, and that he “agreed while some amazing work is being done in the nation-state, the challenge of stakeholder and community engagement is different around the world.”

Russ Shields and Brian discussed the complicated and contentious communications question: DSRC or 5G? Russ is a font of knowledge on the history and legacy of this issue and has a lot to say on how “maybe some in the transport sector have misconstrued the issue and the importance of recognising the enormously valuable real estate we’ve been offered in our spectrum allocation. As well as the incredible safety benefits it offers.”  

Day 3

It’s Day 3 of the 25th ITS World Congress and the pace isn’t slowing yet!  The stand was busy with plenty of interest in the great solutions being showcased by our co-exhibitors.

Many locals have been dropping by to get an update on the latest developments in Australia with interest in potential opportunities and partners in Australia.

It was a great day to get out and experience the many demonstrations available. A large range of demos areas included a Q-Free connected bike tour, sophisticated valet parking solutions, and cellular V2I demonstrations leveraging cloud-based data exchanges.

Brian Negus has been talking to Andrea Ash, VP Marketing at Cohda Wireless, and Daniel Hoyne, Program Manager AIMES, and we’ll continue to bring you updates as the week progresses.

Andrea Ash, VP Marketing, Cohda Wireless

Daniel Hoyne, Program Manager, AIMES

Day 2

Lots of announcements have been made during Day 2.

  • ITS Australia and ITS Ireland have signed an MOU to cement future cooperation between the two organisations.
  • Cohda Wireless announced C-V2X Software Development Kit.
  • Cohda Wireless has also demonstrated a smart streetlight concept that has been designed to alert motorists to the presence of broken down vehicles.
  • WSP (UK) has won the 2018 ITS World Congress Award for Best Action for Supporting Diversity in the ITS Workforce.
  • Brian has been in conversation with Michael Helleman – listen to the Austrade Delegation’s activity at the Congress.

Michael Helleman, AUSTRADE – Start-Up Delegation at ITS World Congress

Day 1

Over the course of the next 5 days, he’ll be speaking with luminaries and newbies of the ITS world and reporting back to our members in Australia.

The first interview is with Paul Retter, CEO National Transport Commission.  Paul is talking about opportunities for the industry and government to work together, and the government’s directive to develop a policy framework around CAVs.

Paul Retter, CEO, National Transport Commission

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