Aimsun’s international team of technologists, scientists, and transportation engineers works with public and private partners to solve the world’s most complex mobility problems. We have two high-performance software applications: Aimsun Next is a fully-integrated modelling platform that simulates future traffic patterns by representing individual needs and available transportation options; Aimsun Live is a decision support tool used to predict traffic outcomes by simulating projected conditions based on historical and real-time feeds. Whether modelling the interaction of public and private vehicles, simulating the role of AI and machine learning, testing the roadworthiness of autonomous vehicles, or supporting consumer-facing apps by offering insights into smarter multi-modal transportation choices, Aimsun never stops harnessing innovations in science and technology to improve human mobility.

Head Office:

Suite 804, 89 York Street
NSW 2000

Contact Details:

[email protected]
Ph: +61 2 9008 8557

ITS Sector

  • Incident Management and Response
  • Traffic Management Systems
  • Transport Management
  • Engineering Consulting for all ITS disciplines

ITS Industry

  • Academic / Research
  • ITS


  • Road

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