Transport Certification Australia

Transport Certification Australia

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) is a national government body responsible for providing assurance in the use of telematics and related intelligent technologies, to support the current and emerging needs of Australian Governments. TCA is a ‘cross-cutting’ organisation which works across different policy streams, surface transport modes, and government and industry sectors. TCA upholds and promotes the principles of the Policy Framework for Intelligent Transport Systems in Australia, which has been endorsed by Australian Governments. TCA also performs a critical role in supporting the appropriate adoption of telematics and related intelligent technologies – from a whole-of-government perspective.

Head Office:

Level 6, 333 Queen Street
VIC 3000

Contact Details:

[email protected]
Ph: 03 8601 4600

ITS Sector

  • Systems Integration
  • Transport Security
  • Vehicle Control and Safety Systems
  • Communications
  • Engineering Consulting for all ITS disciplines
  • Policy and Planning
  • Technical services
  • Research
  • navigation and mapping products

ITS Industry

  • Federal Government
  • Policy
  • Academic / Research
  • ITS
  • Independant Verification

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