Via is the leading developer and operator of on-demand transit systems in the world. Our technology aggregates people traveling from multiple origins to multiple destinations in an efficient way, using military-grade algorithms to seamlessly group passengers and reduce vehicle miles traveled. Via operates a B2C business in NYC, Chicago, and D.C., and licenses technology to transportation operators around the world - including OEMs, transit agencies, private operators, and TNCs. The company's partners include Mercedes-Benz, Keolis, Go Bus, and innovative transit agencies. Founded in 2012, Via has raised $350M+ in funding, and backed by top VC firms and strategic investors.

Head Office:

10 Cosby Street
New York
North America 10013

Contact Details:

David Adelman
[email protected]

ITS Sector

  • Public Transport Operations
  • navigation and mapping products

ITS Industry

  • Supplier
  • Private Sector Operator


  • Road

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