To further the effective and equitable development of MaaS in Australia, a National Reference Committee has been established to continue the collaboration that was fostered during the development of the ITS Australia report ‘Mobility as a Service in Australia: Customer insights and opportunities’ and to strive for the best outcomes for MaaS and on-demand transport for all Australians.

The Reference Committee is made up of project participants and other key industry stakeholders to ensure a broad range of expertise can contribute to and collaborate on the development of Mobility as a Service in Australia. Through sharing updates on activities in respective jurisdictions and organisations; including research, trials, and international engagement.

ITS Australia facilitated a workshop with the Committee in advance of the MaaS Conference in Melbourne this May and invited international experts to present on their experience in MaaS in Europe, Singapore, and the USA.

Sampo Hietanen – MaaS Global, Colin Lim – MobilityX, Vlad Marica – Fluidtime. Andy Taylor – Cubic

MaaS Vision Statement for Australia

To enable the vision for MaaS in Australia the National Reference Committee have formed sub-committees that will work to better understand the key challenges and opportunities across the four focus areas identified as follows:



The sub-committees will develop workplans delivering on the actions agreed following the Reference Committee Workshop and will report back through the Committee to the ITS Australia Board and the UITP Board.

For more information or to get updates on MaaS in Australia please contact Stacey Ryan, Policy Manager ITS Australia.

Find out more about the research and report that began this Committee; Mobility as a Service in Australia: Customer Insights and Opportunities.

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