MaaS Vision Statement and National Reference Committee

Following the MaaS report published in 2018, ITS Australia have developed in partnership with key stakeholders a Vision Statement for MaaS in Australia.

We have also convened a MaaS National Reference Committee to support industry and government to further the effective and equitable development of MaaS in Australia, to continue the collaboration that was fostered during the development of the ITS Australia report ‘Mobility as a Service in Australia: Customer insights and opportunities’ and to strive for the best outcomes for MaaS and on-demand transport for all Australians.

MaaS in Australia – Customer insights and opportunities for Mobility as a Service in Australia

During 2018 ITS Australia led a research project through the iMOVE CRC with research partners Institute 4 Choice, to better understand what Mobility as a Service means for Australia and, importantly, what Australians think.



There’s much discussion these days about once-in-a-generation change; digital disruption, major demographic and societal shifts, and mega-projects offering improvements unimagined by our grand-parents or sometimes even parents.

MaaS aims to be more convenient that individual use of private vehicles for all Australians.

During interviews with more than 80 leaders in the transport and technology sectors, across government, industry and academia a strong theme emerged; that not since the mass-production of private vehicles c1920 has there been such potential for revolutionary change in the transport sector.

Project goals and methodology

Transport innovation like ‘Mobility as a Service’ or MaaS offers the potential to drastically improve customer choices, reduce travel costs, increase network capacity and transport sustainability while improving social and environmental outcomes.

Project participants and Steering Committee members

While the mass-production of private vehicles obviously had a stunning impact on society and the built environment the advent of connected and automated vehicles and other revolutionary technologies offer the potential for even greater levels of disruption.

Successful deployment of MaaS both requires and offers these four key components.

The intent is this report can offer an evidence base to help prepare for the major changes anticipated in a way that cleverly builds on existing assets and delivers user-centric services that match the increasing expectations of customers.

ITS Australia Statement on Connected and Automated Vehicles

ITS Australia supports the advancement of connected and automated vehicle technology and see the appropriate deployment of the technology as a pathway to provide safer, more efficient and more sustainable transport.  Safety needs to be the foundation on which any development of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAV) rests. We are optimistic about the innovation and expertise in our industry and the functionality that will be available to the wider community.

These technologies have the potential to revolutionise transport in a way not seen since the mass production of the private vehicle more than 100 years ago and to save thousands of lives. A strong government role will be critical to ensure that the deployment of CAV is guided to improve the quality of life for citizens. Governments need to provide strong regulatory oversight to give the public confidence in CAV testing and deployment as well as support connectivity and access to governments real time data systems. Read More

Smart Transport for Australia Report

Smart Transport for Australia describes the status of ITS in Australia, providing examples of local and international initiatives with contributions from the global ITS leaders.

Produced by ITS Australia and prepared by Fivenines Consulting, Smart Transport for Australia is a comprehensive, high-level Report leveraging off the 23rd ITS World Congress, Melbourne, 2016.

The Report captures key Congress messages, with a focus on Australian considerations, identifying industry initiatives, opportunities, and benefits.

Launched on 1 March 2017 in Brisbane, Smart Transport for Australia sets out a summary of the key Congress themes. The Report will enable governments, industry, researchers, and start-ups to consider a pathway forward to promote the development and adoption of smart transport technology solutions to improve safety, mobility and sustainability.

Post Congress Report

PostCongReport_webThe ITS World Congress is the premier event in the international intelligent transport systems calendar. ITS Australia has had the privilege of hosting this prestigious event twice – Sydney 2001 and Melbourne 2016.

Both were hugely successful events. They provided a platform to promote the industry and were an opportunity for the local industry to connect internationally. In addition, the Congresses also promoted Australia as a destination of choice.

The Post Congress Report captures the key messages and moments of Melbourne 2016. Compiled by a dedicated on-site team of rapporteurs, attending over 220 sessions including more than 650 speakers and 450 presented papers, the Report accurately captures and reflects on this significant event.

The Post Congress Report is a documented record of the 23rd ITS World Congress and reference point for the industry.



High-Level Policy Roundtable Report

Produced by the Australian Federal Government, the High-Level Policy Roundtable Report is a record of the presentations delivered at this important meeting.

The High-Level Policy Roundtable was held prior to the official opening of the ITS World Congress. The invitation-only event was attended by international transport Ministers, Mayors, and senior ITS representatives.

The Hon Darren Chester MP, Australian Government Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, and Brian Negus, President of ITS Australia hosted the Roundtable, which welcomed 100 participants, representing 22 Countries.

Delegates at the Roundtable shared the top three ITS challenges within their country and outlined current and/or emerging ITS initiatives. These were followed by overviews from the ITS Regions; ITS Asia Pacific, ITS Europe-ERTICO, and ITS America.



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